Coolant Leak Causes, symptoms & How to stop

If your vehicle leaks any fluid, there must be an issue in your car. The coolant warning light would come on and you can use an Obd2 Scanner with Abs and Srs to get the trouble codes. Leaving a fluid leak unchecked for long periods of time might lead your car to run badly or perhaps cause significant damage. Detecting and determining the source of a coolant leak can save you a lot of time and money. Let’s learn more about the coolant leak causes, symptoms, and solutions below.  Common Causes of Leaking Coolant A … Read more

Obd2 Has Power But Won’t Connect – What To Do?

As you’re reading this article, you might have wondered why your OBD2 scanner won’t connect even though it already has power. In other words, your OBD2 Scanners for Pajero won’t communicate with your car so there’s no way it can function. There are various chances of OBD2 being unable to connect with your car. Learn the causes and how to fix them below. Why Won’t My OBD2 Scanner Connect? OBD2 ports can have problems in communication, and it might be a pain if you encounter one. However, there would likely be one of three major … Read more

How to clear freeze frame data

Freeze Frame is an easy-to-use but effective diagnostic tool for auto problems. It generally shows the points and circumstances under which a malfunction happened. If you’re looking for real problems with your car, the data would be an insightful resource. Learn more about Freeze Frame and how to reset freeze frame obd below.  What is a Freeze Frame? Generally speaking, a freeze frame can be described as a data screenshot. When an electronic control unit detects a malfunction, it takes a picture of the readings of the corresponding sensors and/or components. The freeze frame also … Read more

How to Reset The Oil Pressure Sensor

Folks are easily panicking when the oil pressure sensor light comes on. While it’s highly recommended to immediately check what’s actually wrong, you need to calm down.  First thing first, you’d need to fix the problems and then learn how to reset the oil pressure sensor to turn off the warning light. Find out more about the causes and how you can actually solve the issue below. Why Does My Oil Light Come On? The oil pressure sensor captures problems and sends the signals to the OBD system. If there’s any problem with your oil … Read more

How To Fix Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Also called the Check Engine Light, the Malfunction Indicator Light or Lamp indicates when something is wrong with the engine. In order to notify the driver of a potential problem with the vehicle, this warning light can illuminate in one or another way. When there is a problem with the car’s engine, transmission, or emission control system, the OBD2 system in your car will turn on the light. You should not dismiss the light even with the Best Foxwell Scanner since it is there for a reason. You should always look into the cause of … Read more

How To Reset The Electronic Parking Brake

electronic parking brake

The Electronic Parking Brake system isn’t only about safety but also convenience. It allows you to deploy emergency braking in a safer and more controllable way. However, there are situations where you need to learn how to reset the electronic parking brake as they become faulty and need replacements. Learn more about electronic parking brakes below. What Can Electronic Parking Brake Do? Electric Parking  Brake is a major breakthrough in the braking system as it improves braking performance, safety, and handling. These are what the electric parking brake can do: Automatic Operation: Handbrakes and electric … Read more