Best Obd2 Scanner For Mini Cooper R56

If you own a Mini Coope R56, chances are you know the frustration of an OBD2 scanner. You’re stuck in traffic, and the car’s engine light comes on, without you having much range left to diagnose the issue. Who has time for that? But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to fix the problem. So, we make a list of the Best Obd2 Scanner For Mini Cooper R56 that you like most.

My picks obd2 scanner for Mini Cooper R56

  • Powerful compatibility for petrol/diesel vehicles: NX301 OBD2 scanner works on most OBDII/EOBD compliant cars since 1996 US-based, 2003 eu-based and 2006 Asian cars compatible with Bmw/Ford/MERCEDES-BENZ/Audi/Fiat/Vauxhall/Maserati/LAND Rover/Jaguar/Vw/chevrolet/Buick/Mazda/Kia/Honda/toyota/Nissan/Volvo/seat/Peugeot/Citroen/opel/Chrysler/Mini, etc Supports all OBD2 protocols, including ISO9141, Kwp2000, J1850 pwm, J1850 vpw and can. Note: cannot work on hybrid and electric cars.
  • Easy to operate: the NX301 car diagnostic scanner reads and clears vehicle engine trouble codes, turn off the check Engine Light (MIL). simply plug into the OBD II port on your car and turn ignition on and you ready to find out what the problem is about car engine system and perhaps Fix it. Supports English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch language.
  • Full OBDII diagnostic scanner Function: read &erase engine fault code; look-up library with build-in fault codes Definition; view freeze frame data; read live PCM data stream in text or graph; on-board monitoring; display I/M readiness; oxygen Sensor and evaporative control system test, etc. Convenient for you to know the real time status of your vehicle without going to car repair Shop.
  • Lifetime update & Print: NX301 OBD2 code Reader not only supports to store the selected data and printing out diagnostic Report which allows you to analyze the vehicle issues anywhere, but also supports to lifetime Free update the software online & Code Definition library via PC connected with the included USB cable. This code Reader also supports viewing vehicle information (vin, CID and CVN).
  • What you get: One portable OBDII vehicle diagnostic scanner with 2 feet 16 pin diagnostic connector for your cars at anytime and anywhere. Save your money and time if it's something you can fix or need more advanced help.
  • 【Your Car Doctor】Failed to pass the local smog test; Need 1,000+ bucks for catalytic converter replacement; And can't drive the car legally? Why not have this obd2 scanner in your glove box. Check I/M readiness status to help pass the test. Identify emission issues in advance and save repair costs. Works for most OBD2/EOBD/CAN-compliant cars worldwide.
  • 【All Obd2 Test Modes】Charge you 20 bucks to simply clear the code? Skip the dealer and use this obd2 code reader to pull/clear codes. Drive with this scan tool connected. Watch real-time sensor readings from rpm/ mph/ fuel trim/ O2 sensors/ mass airflow and such, to easily find catalytic converter/ fuel delivery/ vacuum problems.
  • 【Safeguard You & Your Car】EVAP test finds issues in your gas cap/ filler neck. Freeze frame data let you know what happened when the code sets. On-board monitoring detects potential leak trouble. Display VIN #, very helpful when buying a used car. Take this obd2 scan tool with you to save time, money, and have safe driving.
  • 【Small & Easy OBD2 scan tool】Plug & Play. No need to be an expert to use. Get error code in 5 minutes. Its internal code database lookup option gives definition directly saving you additional searching (e.g. P0456 - minor evap leak), and points you in right direction to fix car problems.
  • 【Compatibility】TOPDON AL300 code reader works on most US-based cars since 1996, EU-based cars since 2000, and Asian-based cars since 2008, and is compatible with all the OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, CAN (Controller Area Network). Notice: The cars produced in Japan followed the JOBD protocols and old cars with OBD I protocol, the AL series OBD2 code reader can't work on them. (24/7 customer care service:
  • 🎉🎉🎉【Good News, Significant Benefits】 Foxwell NT614 Elite upgraded software to meet more needs of car owners since May 2023. It now supports 4 System + 5 Maintenance Services (EPB Reset/Oil Reset, and new adding ABS Bleeding/SAS Calibration/Throttle Reset). 🏷️Note: You must free upgrade this car scanner to use the 3 new services. 🔏Only support the Windows system upgrade, not compatible with MAC or IOS/Apple system.
  • 🔹MULTI-SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS - The automotive obd2 scanner does not only diagnose the engine system but also performs full detection on vehicle's other 3 main ECU systems [Transmission, ABS, Airbag(SRS)]. Reads & erases fault codes, turns off warning lights, and read transmission temperature, etc. Compared with car repairs, car code readers can save some unnecessary repair costs. 🚩Note: ABS Bleeding/Auto Bleeding is not supported for NT614 Elite obd scanner.
  • 🔹2 COMMON RESET SERVICE SCAN TOOL - The upgraded NT604 elite, ✅Besides covering all functions of NT604 elite obd2 scanner , ✅ and this car scanner adds the EPB Service tool and oil light reset service. Electronic Park Brake(EPB) Reset performs the service and maintenance of brake systems for 42 Car Makes. Oil Light Reset service resets the service lamps on the instrument cluster for 49 car makes. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY by letting you learn more about your car and do your own repairs.
  • 🔹ENHANCED FULL OBDII MODES - The obd2 scanner diagnostic tool will help you pass s-mog test. Reads/clears error codes, DTC look-up, do s-mog tests including I/M readiness, O-2 test, etc. Keep your mind from worrying about whether the data about e-mission exceeds the standard values. It also reads freeze frame data, does EVAP system test, retrieves vehicle info, and more.
  • 🔹DATA MANAGER & DTC LOOKUP & WIDE VEHICLES COVERING --- With portable carrying case for long-term use; Data Record&Playback, built in DTC Lookup to find out the fault codes..... Compatible with over 52 vehicle makers for a complete car diagnosis which covers American, Asian, and European vehicles, inluding cars, light trucks, minivans and SUVs.(📢:The compatibility will vary from different years and models, please provide us with your car's detailed info before purchasing).
  • 🔹EASY TO USE & LIFETIME FREE UPDATE --- Work out of box, Plug and play. No need any Battery or Charger, gets the power directly from the OBDII port Connect in your vehicle. No need to update the auto computer code reader. And Simply install the SD card into your computer or an SD card reader, log into the PC(windows system only currently) application, then synchronous update the latest software to scan tool.
  • 🔹HEART-WARMING TIPS --- 1️⃣All obd2 scanners sent to Amazon are Brand New, but around 1% customer returns would be added to our Amazon inventory as sellable which is out of control, contact us directly for a replacement.Thanks a million! 2️⃣If you are not sure if it is compatible with your car, pls contact us via Amazon before purchasing. 3️⃣Only after got it fixed, can reset/cleared fault codes and turned off the warning light.
  • 🔹Kindly note: logo and brand name of any car brand appeared in the detail page is to descripe the item is compatible with these car brands. We are not selling products manufactured/sold by these car brands.
  • 🎁【Free Cable】 We offer a free foxwell obd2 extention cable to encourage everyone to try this car scanner. Just add both to your cart and you will get this scanner and a free cable. First come, first served. Top pick choice Christmas Gift for your lover.
  • 👍【Professional All Systems Diagnostic】+【2022 New Version &Latest Software】+【19 Maintenance Reset】+【10 OBDII Functions】 FOXWELL NT644 elite car scanner is upgraded version of FOXWELL NT624 elite automotive scanner, which can not only perform fast diagnosis on all electronic control modules for 60+ car makes, but also supports 19 commonly required service and 10 OBDII features. The automotive scanner diagnostic tool provides workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike unbeatable value.
  • 👉【Multifunctional All System Scan Tool】 FOXWELL NT644E car scanner has the ability to do a thorough and full diagnosis on many available electronic control modules from drive System, body system, chassis system and electrical system. NT644E car code reader will read and reset fault codes for these systems, and turn off the warning light after the cause issue is located and solved.
  • 👍【19 Frequently-used Maintenance Service Functions】Besides the powerful diagnostic functions, this car scanner diagnositc for cars can be regarded as a comprehensive service reset tool. 19 service reset functions are included: ABS Bleeding, Oil light reset, D-P-F, TPS, TPMS, Battery Replacement,Crankshaft Relearn, Injector Coding, CVT,A/F adjust, clutch adaption, PRIME fuel pump, seat match, turbo, windowsdoor and language change.
  • 👉【10 OBD2 Functions】This diagnostic scanner contains full OBDII test modes, such as read codes, clear codes, live data, I/M readiness, O2 Moniter test, Freeze frame, On-board monitor test, vehicle information and component test.
  • 👍👍【Lifetime update】+ 【Live Data Stream】+ 【Playback &Print Data】 Lifetime FREE update and technical support are offered, which allows you to latest software version. In addition, the professional car code reader scan tool shows you real-time data in text and graph, which also supports review codes data and print diagnostic report.Note: This scanner is compatible with most vehicle makes, but to make sure if it can run super smoothly on your car, please kindly send your VIN number to us.
  • 🎁【Great Gift Idea】: Top preset choice for your father, husband, brother or boyfriend who is a car enthusiasts,technician , advanced DIY, garage owner, car dealer, used car dealer, auto repair shop owner, automotive engineer, home mechanic, DIY beginner etc..EVERY CAR OWNER WILL NEED IT! It comes with high-quality case with rugged and handy design.Get NT644E full system diagnostic scanner and give your lover a surprise!
  • CEL & ABS FIX FOR FAMILY---Compared to other complicated scanners on the market, Innova 6030P obd2 scanner is designed for all US family at an affordable price to assist with the most common automotive warning lights issues, namely check engine light(CEL) and ABS(brake) light faults.
  • GET RID OF ANNOYANCE---During this difficult time, it can be annoyed when you found the warning lights on. With Code Severity Levels function of 6030P ABS scanner, you can quickly identify if your vehicle needs an immediate fix or if it can wait until you get home to fix it yourself.
  • DO IT YOURSELF---Not only can you read codes to diagnose your car problem directly, you can also see key information about your vehicle in real time (RPM, Oil Temp, etc.) to aid in diagnosis. And we are glad to tell that Innova 6030P has been selected to "Amazon Editorial Recommendations" as "Best OBDII Scanners" and "Amazon's Choice Code Reader". 🙂
  • BATTERY TEST TO SAVE TIME---Innova 6030P enhanced scan tool provides battery & alternator tests to check the performance of a vehicle's charging system. It does so by checking if the batteries and alternators are in line with voltage specs recommended for the vehicle. When troubleshooting a no start/hard start condition, carrying out this test really helps in knowing where to look, hence saving time.
  • DEVELOPED IN USA---Buy with Confidence. Innova 6030P car scanner empowers the home mechanics with its professional-level functionality but entry-level difficulty, for it is designed and developed in the US and supported by unmatched technical assistance from a staff of all ASE certified technicians. At the same time, it is also the perfect gift for your family and friends. 😉
  • WARM TIPS---Dear customer, your Innova's screen is with a tightly-fitting screen protector. If any scratches are found, just tear off the screen protector from the upper left or upper right corner. 🙂 If you are not pleased with your innova 6030P code scanner and choose to return it, please kindly mark it unsellable to avoid an used one is resold again to other customers. Appreciate very much! For any issues, contact us directly for a fast reply and solution by clicking "Romondes" the seller. 🙂
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