Top 9 best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes

For some of us, cars are not only mere an asset but an investment, putting all our effort and time into it but what if, suddenly, that car breaks down and there is no diagnosis for what exactly went wrong.

This is where the obd2 scanner comes into play, carrying out a thorough scan and analysis of all the parts of your car, not forgetting that it provides all the details regarding the trouble and how to proceed with the repairs!

No matter which car, there is a best obd2 scanner for Mercedes, a best obd2 scanner for BMW, ensuring a Mercedes diagnostic tool and a Mercedes code reader, enabling a thorough analysis of your beloved car.

Thus, get the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes or any other car right now and that too, the best obd2 scanner under 100$.

How to Choose an OBD2 Scanner

An OBD2 Scanner has different features and attributes based on which one should decide on selecting an OBD2 Scanner. The person should consider the familiarity level of the individual with the scanner tools along with the purpose behind purchase.

Based on the attributes it should be decided which features align with the goals of the individual and then a purchase should be made.

Such as for a Mercedes Benz, an individual will look towards the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes.

As important as it is to see the features in a complete way, Otherhand it is also important to know how to use the OBD2 Scanner.

Our comparison Table:

Cheap Recommendation
SEEKONE OBD2 Scanner Professional Car OBD II Scanner for Mercedes BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Mercedes OBD2 Scanner


Check Price


Check Price

Ratings ratings(4.5/5) ratings(4.8/5)
ECU Yes Yes
Update Yes Lifetime
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Medium Corded Cordless
Power Source Battery

Review Section: Top 9 OBD2 Scanner for Mercedes

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Mercedes OBD2 Scanner

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Mercedes OBD2 Scanner


BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro helps to provide many repair options based upon their database contributed by many Professional Automotive Technicians.

Is blueDriver obd2 scanner best for Abs and Srs testing and solving? Yes, of course. This obd ii scanner passes information through wireless connection.

Moreover, it easily connects with your smartphone providing you with the features of an expensive obd2 scanner as well as features of a smartphone. It is the best obd2 wireless scanner for Mechanics.


  1. You can reset the engine light with this smart obdii tools
  2. Supports mercedesBMW, Honda, etc
  3. AVSTPMSDTC function works well.
  4. Lifetime free update through wifi connection. (Best service)
  5.  Smog Test, Airbag function and Live Data.
  6. You can fix 30 million diagnostic trouble codes with bluedriver very easily.


  • In terms of ranking, it is currently ranked at 2 among code readers and scan tools.
  • The BlueDriver App ensures that it can be carried easily and be used from everywhere remotely.
  • Advanced scanning with wider coverage
  • Moreover, it has been developed by American professional engineers, therefore, holds more credibility.
  • Its excessive database enables it to analyze issues within the system easily and be able to produce immediate repairs as well.
  • Dual compatibility(Control with iOS & Android device)
  • It is also one of the best bluetooth obd2 scanners for dodge and the best obd2 scanner for live data due to its large database.
  • Reasonable price on Amazon.


  • No display interface (It’s not a trouble, you can see on your cellphone)
  • Doesn’t support older models of mercedes

However, it can be called one of the best obd2 scanners available currently despite it being an old version.

2. OBDScar OS601 OBD2 Mercedes Scan tool

OBDScar OS601 OBD2 Mercedes Scan tool


The OBDScar is one of the best diagnostic scanner tools ranked at 27 among all code reader and scan tools, compatible with most of the US-based, EU-based, and Asian cars.

However, different types of vehicle versions may still not be compatible with this model.


  1. supports all OBDII compliant vehicles
  2. Clear and Read dashboard Light.
  3. Reset Monitors, VIN.
  4. Smog Test and Graphics
  5. EVAP Test and Live Data
  6. Ocationally free update


  • This scanner provides real-time live data whereas the user interface is very easy to use even for beginners.
  • Supports a wide range of cars & show live data.
  • All of the test OBD functions are embedded within this product tool while also including an effective smog check.
  • It does not even require a battery to operate and charges through the OBD interface present inside a car.
  • Easy to Use – Provides quick results.
  • Therefore, it can be credited as one of the best obd2 scanners for BMW and the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes.


  • It only provides a 2.5ft long cable to access the diagnostic tool outside of the car and is only compatible with a limited version of vehicles.
  • You cannot remove complex codes.

3. SEEKONE OBD2 Scanner Professional Car OBD II Scanner for Mercedes

SEEKONE OBD2 Scanner Professional Car OBD II Scanner for Mercedes


The Seekone OBD Scanner is one of the trendiest tools for car owners based on its ease of use. It can quickly reach the root cause behind the car’s malfunction while providing a numeric live data stream.

It is compatible with almost all vehicle models and makes, supporting multiple languages.


  1. supports all OBDII compliant vehicles also diesel machines.
  2. Graphics, and VIN.
  3. DTC, Reset Monitors, Smog Test,
  4. Lifetime Free Update


  • It can surpass any shocks and has been tested through a 15ft height drop.
  • Moreover, it does not require a battery and instead charges itself through the car’s OBD interface.
  • It provides access to lifetime software updates.
  • A built-in speaker and red/yellow/green emission LED lights to indicate the emission status of the vehicle.
  • Not need a battery to oparate.
  • Show quick reasult.


  • The Foxwell NT510 Elite scanner tool has more functional features as compared to the Seekone OBD scanner.
  • Moreover, there are also limited languages that are supported by this model.
  • Remote operationality is only available through a 5ft long cable.

4. LAUNCH Scan Tool CRP129X OBD2 Scanner for Mercedes

LAUNCH Scan Tool CRP129X OBD2 Scanner for Mercedes


The Launch Scan Tool is one of the most complete scan tool for Mercedes that enables a larger display option.

It covers all four major systems of the automotive machine while providing reset options for more of the general fault faced in cars. It is compatible with more than 57 brands while also maintaining a record of all diagnostic scans carried out.


  1. supports more than 55 brand, include mercedes
  2. Read & Clear obd ii Codes and On-Board Monitoring
  3. I/M ReadinessVIN & Live Data.
  4. Repair abs light
  5. Freeze Frame Data
  6. Data Stream & O2 Sensor Test
  7. DTCEVAP System Test
  8. ABS & SRS Trasmission
  9. Support most of the languages (9 country)


  • large HD 5″ touchable screen for Graphical display of car’s performance
  • Works on all mercedes models
  • The Launch Scan Tool maintains a database of all accounts of the diagnostic scans carried out over the car which can later be accessed easily and can even be sent through email.
  • Moreover, it also offers a 5-year warranty.
  • Wi-Fi updates included (Only one year).
  • print reports or you can share it.
  • One new feature is that it enables to read the voltage battery of the abs engine as well.


  • Needs additional adapter for mercedes that are older than 2002
  • It is not compatible with a broader range of vehicles and is limited to only 56 types.
  • Moreover, it is not portable and is ranked at 126 among code readers and scan tools.
  • Cannot reset all lights.
  • Didn’t support ABS Bleeding.
  • Complicated UI.

5. iCarsoft MBII for Mercedes Benz/Sprinter/Smart Professional Diagnostic Scanner

iCarsoft MBII for Mercedes Benz/Sprinter/Smart Professional Diagnostic Scanner


The MB II is the Smart series obd2 scanner for Mercedes including an obd2 scanner diagnostic tool, Mercedes sprinter scan tool, transmission code reader meanwhile providing a live data stream.

This model is being provided at a lower price as compared to other products in the market with free shipping along with a one-year warranty on the scanner.


  1. Freeze frame data and live data streams
  2. steering angle sensor
  3. ETC- electronic throttle control module.
  4. Check warning lights.
  5. Fixing the unusable circuit
  6. Fix electronic parking brake & meassure tire pressure.
  7. oil service- Reset oil light


  • The MB II can effectively read different kinds of systems and clear trouble codes through its code reader.
  • On the other hand, further maintenance options are also ensured in systems including electronic parking brake, steering angle sensor calibration etc.
  • Meanwhile, real-time data stream helps ensure a thorough analysis of the car whereas a lifetime free upgrade
  • Also You can also be opted for against the one-year warranty.
  • The live data stream makes it one of the best obd2 scanners with live data.
  • This obdii scanner also supports different languages.


  • One of the cons that come along with this product is that it is unable to read all kinds of systems in all types of cars thus
  • Before purchasing a car dealer must be consulted regarding the best obd2 scanner.
  • Even though it is known to be the best Mercedes Benz scanner diagnostic tool.
  • Don’t compatible with newer models and some 2014 models.

6. Autel ML619 ABS SRS OBDII Scanner

Autel ABS SRS ML619


The Autel ABS is one of the newer models of the OBD2 Scanner. It is compatible with all vehicle versions from 1996 and onwards.

It is the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes and the best obd2 scanner for BMW along with other famous brands, therefore, in case of having two or more car brands this is the best obd2 scanner.

Besides, It can even be updated through the internet effectively while the code reader can effectively retrieve manufacturer code.


  • The tool can be easily updated through the internet while it also provides an option to print an efficient diagnosis report through PC.
  • Moreover, the troubleshoot option directs towards the problem immediately.
  • The code reader effectively reads the DTC advanced functions of the car which enables access to the root cause of the car’s issue.


  • It is ranked at 379 among Code Readers and Scan Tools,
  • therefore, is rated as the lowest product type in the OBD2 Scanner.
  • Even though it is compatible with a broader range of vehicles, it is still rated lower among all other scanner types.
  • Moreover, it is also currently unavailable within the market.

7. Autel ML629 OBD2 Scanner for Mercedes

Autel ML629

Product Description

Autel’s MaxiLink is the best obd2 scanner for amateurs along with professionals.

The advanced configuration has enabled this model to quickly and easily get to the bottom of each issue and perform repair procedures.

It is supported by all of the 1996 models as well as the contemporary ones providing a one-year warranty along with a return policy within 30 days of purchase.


  • The new advanced Autel’s MaxiLink can carry out all 10 Obd2 functions including live data, engine,  transmission, code reader, sprinter automotive scanner and code reader.
  • Its code reader can quickly read up on DTC definitions within a 30 seconds duration.
  • Meanwhile, it has the best diagnostic tool, pinpointing the main issue within 3 seconds as well and thus is ranked at 173 for its coder and reader ability.
  • Moreover, anyone just starting can easily contact the tech support for assistance which is available 24/7.
  • Automatic update.


  • It is slightly expensive than 100$.
  • Moreover, a newer model of the same product is also available in the market under the best Autel scanner brand.

8. iCarsoft Genuine Mercedes Benz OBD2 Scanner

iCarsoft Genuine Mercedes Benz OBD2 Scanner


  • This iCarsoft Model can be called the best diagnostic scanner tool for Mercedes Benz.
  • It can read and analyze all types of fault codes in a Mercedes while providing all of the tested professional OBD II functions.
  • It can be accredited as one of the best Mercedes code readers,


  • Since it is specially made to reset service all types of Mercedes, it is the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes.
  • It includes the best diagnostic scanner tool for Mercedes ensuring the clear ability to read and process DTC functions.


  • It is only well suited for Mercedes Benz, therefore, won’t be compatible with other vehicle make.
  • Moreover, it is around 130$ and yet does not provide as many features as other Mercedes code readers.

9. FOXWELL NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner FOXWELL NT614 Elite

Product Details

Foxwell’s NT614 is the newest version in its Obd2 scanner while ensuring the best diagnostic scanner tool over automotive parts even in OBDI vehicles.

Not only that, it ensures that routine maintenance would be carried out from time to time with the best Obd2 functions embedded within the vehicle system.


Foxwell provides 100% money-back in case of quality problems. Meanwhile, it supports different languages and many improved Obd2 functions such as diagnosis graphs along with live data stream.

As compared to the MaxiLink, it is ranked at 122 among Code Reader and Scan Tools.


It is currently out of stock and there is no update regarding when it will be updated.

Regarding its functions, only 42 to 50 car makes are supported from the Asian, American and European regions therefore before purchase it is necessary to consult a car dealer on the suitability of the obd2 scanner.

How to Reset a Mercedes Check Engine Light

The first simplest method to reset your Mercedes check engine ABS list is to plug in your OBD2 scanner. Make sure your scanner is compatible with your Mercedes and is the best scanner for your Mercedes.

After your scanner reads the codes, press reset or clear. If there is an issue with the code, this would resolve your issue immediately. One of the best obd2 scanners for Mercedes is iCarSoft.

Is it possible to reset abs light without a scan tool? Of course,Yes.

Buying Guide

OBD2 also known as On-Board Diagnostics ensures that whenever a malfunction is accounted for in the vehicle self-management system, it can be easily read through the OBD scanner.

The scanner can therefore analyze issues within your cars immediately to arrive at a specific certain root cause affecting the functionality of the car. Before 1996, OBD1 scanners were used in different vehicles to self-diagnose any issues within the automobile parts.

However, with the invention of a modified version i.e. OBD 2 arrived within the market, many vehicles started coming with its respective compatibility.

To get the best obd2 scanner for your car, a few attributes must be kept in mind before purchasing any specific tool. There are different kinds of diagnostic tools based upon the usage situation i.e. professional and personal.

For amateurs and beginners, it is necessary that an easy-to-use obd2 scanner should be bought which entails a detailed guide on how to use OBD2 scanner.

Many OBD2 scanners enable easy databases with backup problems and solutions to aid the user with the diagnostic tool. Similarly, for professionals more advanced models with advanced features should be bought.

Other than the usual, it is also important that you should know the purpose behind buying that scanner tool.

Based on the purpose, either buy a tool with simple monitoring features or buy a tool that entails more features such as routine maintenance and smog check.

Most importantly, your budget should be among one of your considerations while purchasing an obd2 scanner since there are better obd scanners under 100 dollars as well.

In the end, checking the compatibility of the vehicle with the obd diagnostic tool should also be important as all of them are not compatible with every kind of vehicle makes. Also, the best obd2 scanner for Mercedes, one type is that of iCarSoft.

In the case of a traditional obd2 scanner, it is easy to use and cheaper including the Launch OBD2 scanner. However, there was no record of the diagnostics carried out along with manual software updates.

As compared to the traditional, Bluetooth-based OBD2 scanners quickly read the code and provide explanations for the malfunctioning even meanwhile keeping a real-time record of the same.

However, they are very expensive as compared to the traditional ones. An example of a Bluetooth-based OBD2 scanner is the BlueDriver. Smart Monitors on the other hand only monitor the health of the vehicle type.

Best (& cheap)diagnostic tool/scanner Under 100$

There are many diagnostic tools under 100$ that work equally as well as expensive and modern OBD2 scanners. The best obd2 scanner under 100 include the following,

  • Innova CarScan Pro 5210 – 99.99$
  • Ancel BD310 – 59.99$
  • Autel AutoLink AL539 – 34.99$
  • ThinkCar ThinkOBD 100 – 33.89$
  • JethaxOBD2 Scanner – 42.99$


Are All OBD2 Scanners The Same?

All OBD2 Scanners are not the same each one differs from another based on various attributes including familiarity level, usage, purpose, compatibility, and budget. Before purchasing any kind of obd scanner, all of these attributes must be considered.

What is the best and cheapest car diagnostic tool that works?

One of the best and cheapest car diagnostic tools that work includes the following 5. Each OBD2 scanner differs from the other in terms of features, however, the following have many pros against its cons.

  1. LaunchOBD2 Scanner tool
  2. Innova CarScan Pro 5210
  3. Ancel BD310
  4. Autel AutoLink Al539
  5. ThinkOBD 100

What is the best, high-quality car scanner?

In our opinion, the best obd2 scanner for your vehicle depends upon your priorities.

However, while naming a few best high-quality car scanners, the Bluedriver Bluetooth pro Obd2 scanner is one of the more modern obd2 scanners as it has more features and enables remote accessibility.

while a continuous record of the diagnostic data is also being accounted for in real-time.

How to save money using an OBD II scan tool?

To save money using an OBD 2 scanner tool, make sure that all of the specific features of the scanner tool should be aligned with the purpose of your purchase followed by a quick detail regarding any product reviews to make sure that the scanner is durable.

Good Bye Word 

In our opinion, the best obd2 scanner depends based on the individual. In the case of a traditional scanner, the best is the Launch OBD2 scanner which is also cheap whereas, in terms of a modern Obd2 scanner, the BlueDrive Bluetooth pro is the latest obd2 scanner in the industry currently.

This version has more features as compared to a traditional obd2 scanner ensuring effective updates through the internet and remote accessibility.

In terms of the best obd2 scanner for dodge, the BlueDriver Pro is worth it. In the case of vehicle types, such as Mercedes Benz

The best obd2 scanner for Mercedes, provided with a Mercedes sprinter scan tool, is iCarSoft which is also ranked highly among all other obd2 scanners.