Best 5 HP Air Compressor Motor

If you are looking for an air compressor motor for home use, 5HP is best for you. Cause it has a high torque, which is ideal for any DIY project.

The 5HP Air Compressor Motor comes with a ball bearing and rolled steel construction. It offers a high breakdown torque with a long life span.

High-powered air tools are a great feature of 5HP Air Compressor Motor. The maximum RPM of 5HP Air Compressor Motor is 3450, which is good enough. This motor has a 2.36 inch long and 0.875-inch diameter shaft.

Heat dissipation holes are great to keep the compressor motor dust free. This 5HP Air Compressor Motor can generate 25-liter airflow per minute.

Oil-free pumps of the motor ensure high quality and durability. In addition, an integrated filter increases the life span of the air compressor motor.

  • The electric motor horsepower: 5 HP;Voltage: 208-230 V;Model:CM05256
  • Rated speed of the motor is 3450 RPM and synchronous speed is 3600 RPM
  • A single phase motor that has a rigid base and 5/8 inch keyed shaft
  • This new electric motor is waterproof, can be used outdoors
  • This is a 5 hp electric motor that is commonly used for home and small shop air compressors
  • This is a 3.1 KW 56 frame Electric Motor CM05256 for air compressor.An AC electric motor used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.When the voltage is unstable and the load is too large, our motor will start the automatic protection function, will suspend work, and automatically return to normal after 10 minutes of cooling.
  • AMPERAGE:This is your electric motors TRUE power rating. Please make sure your FL amp (FULL LOAD) rating on the motor you're replacing is within 10% of the FL Amp rating of the motor you intend to buy.
  • PHASE AND VOLTAGE:If your machine requires a 230V electric motor on single phase power. You would want to incorporate a 1-phase 230V AC electric motor for your application. 230V electric motors cannot handle voltages less than 208V. They will run too hot and you will experience motor failure.
  • RPM:Matching up the RPM is quite important. The wrong speed can damage your pump. The RPM does not have to match exactly, but you do need to be the neighborhood.Example: 3510rpm, 3550rpm, 3450rpm are all the same. They are all fall under the umbrella of whats known as 3600RPM motors.
  • SHAFT DIAMETER:With a tape measure. Measure the outside diameter on your electric motors shaft. By matching up the proper shaft diameter, you will be able to reuse the original motor pulley that came on your machine.
  • ★⚙️5 SPL HP 3450 RPM, 208-230V, 60Hz
  • ★⚙️Full Load amps: 15.0, 56 Frame, Rigid Base; Shaft Diameter: 5/8" Keyed shaft
  • ★⚙️Open Drip-proof, Ball Bearings, SF: 1 Protection
  • ★⚙️Rotation: CCW Facing End Opposite Shaft
  • ★⚙️Notice: This is your electric motors TRUE power rating. HP ratings have been made suspect over the years by large retailers who like to use "peak HP" or " SPL " in their terminology. The Motor's amp rating does not lie. Please make sure your FL amp (FULL LOAD) rating on the motor you're replacing is within 10% of the FL Amp rating of the motor you intend to buy.
  • Open dripproof
  • Single phase, Full Load amps: 22Amp, 230V
  • 5 HP 3450 RPM
  • Frame Type: 56HZ, 7/8" Keyed shaft, Shaft length:2 3/8"
  • NEMA Motor is Non-Reversible CCW (Counter Clockwise) ONLY
  • P56 Frame; 56 Frame - Rigid Base - CL B Insulation 40 C / 104 F Ambient Temp.
  • Max Current 16 Amps.
  • 5 HP SPL 3450 RPM Air Compressor 60 Hz Electric Motor 208-230 Volts.
  • Shaft Diameter: 5/8" Keyed shaft. Phase: One / Single Phase
  • Copper wires are inside motor,the Copper wires useful life are longer than aluminum wire.Thanks for chosing Eapmic.
  • WEG Compressor Duty Electric Motor
  • 5hp 184T Frame 1745 rpm 1-Phase 208-230volt 1 1/8" shaft diameter
  • ★ AC Frequency Rating: 60 Hz; Base RPM: 3450; Horsepower (HP): 5 Hp
  • ★ Shaft Diameter: 5/8" Keyed shaft. Phase: One / Single Phase
  • ★ Amperage: 16 fl amps at 230v;Phase: One / Single Phase;Voltage: 208-230 ( 208 volt is the lowest voltage this motor will handle)
  • ★ P56 Frame; Rigid Base - CL B Insulation 40 C / 104 F Ambient Temp
  • ★ Mounting Type: Base-Mounted;Suitable For: Air Compressor Applications

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