Toad Pro OBD2 Software Review

toad pro review

Toad Pro is among the outstanding OBD2 software made for professional mechanics, car enthusiasts, and start-up mechanics. The device is easy to operate and can be used for basic and advanced functions. It enables a comprehensive check on your vehicle and makes it possible for you to understand the condition of your car system with … Read more

Innova 5160 Review

Innova 5160 review

Looking for a universal yet reliable OBD2 scanner? Innova 5160 review comes with everything you need to identify and fix problems in your car. Also known as Innova CarScan Pro, this commercial OBD2 scanner aims to provide professional features. Not only can you read and clear DTCs or view live data on its 3,5inch built-in … Read more

How To Use obd2 Bluetooth Scanner

When it comes to the connection, professional OBD2 scanners are available in two categories including wired and wireless tools.  A wireless scanner usually uses Bluetooth pairing between the adapter(connected to the port) and the PC or mobile device that works as the interface. The operation also involves the use of a third-party mobile app where … Read more

Innova 6030P Vs 6100p Review And Comparison

Innova is among the top manufacturers of automotive diagnostic tools. The innovation of this scanner makes work easy for mechanics and professionals. It is equipment that every car owner should invest in because it can save you from spending your resources in a mechanic shop. It allows you to check and find out the situation … Read more

Innova 5410 Review

Whether you are a car fan, mechanic, or if you want to know your car’s state at all times to avoid expensive diagnostic bills at the local mechanic shop, a car scanner is a must-have for you! You don’t have to break a bank before you purchase a diagnostic tool for your car. The fact … Read more

Innova 5110, 5210, 5310 Review & Comparison

The primary purpose of making Innova Scan Tools is to provide a suitable scanner for the mechanics at different levels. These scanners are in the affordable range and give accurate results to almost everyone. If you want to find out the car’s problem at home, Innova scanners are great because they are simple to use. This … Read more