5 Best Auto Key Programmers Reviews and Product Comparison

An automobile key programmer is an indispensable tool for any professional mechanic or driver. To make a new set of automobile keys, you can use one type of equipment, while another type can service and diagnose your vehicle. There are a lot of alternatives out there, so making a final purchase decision might be difficult. There is a wide range of features available on key programmers for automobiles, and you’ll need to find the one that best suits your demands. We’ve made it simple by selecting, analyzing, and recommending the top key programming machine across … Read more

5 Best Timing Lights Reviews & Buying Guide

best timing light

A properly timed engine in a car or truck delivers its full potential. When not, performance is sluggish and inefficient. We analyzed the market to determine which timing lights for automobiles and trucks perform the best. We’re well aware of the value of such a device for revitalizing worn-out motorbikes, automobile engines, and even lawnmowers.  Having a timing light readily available in the garage is necessary if you care about the condition of your machines. Thus, we have compiled the best offers as well as the informative buying guide on timing lights, which you should … Read more

Symptoms of Bad MAP Sensor, Troubleshoot & trick

The engine’s electronic regulation system would be paralyzing without the MAP sensor. One of its key purposes is to facilitate a more efficient burn cycle. The air-fuel mixture ratio is controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM), which receives a reading from the air pressure sensor in the intake unit. Due to its importance to the engine’s performance, it must be working properly.  When this sensor malfunctions, the ECU will receive an erroneous reading, resulting in an incorrect air-fuel mixture. You can find DTCs with an OBD2 Scanner for DIY to determine it. Otherwise, the … Read more

How to fix P0218 Obd2 Code (Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis)

A P0218 fault code will be stored in your vehicle’s OBD-II computer whenever the transmission in your vehicle is experiencing an overheating issue. In these sections, we will investigate what triggers this particular DTC, the diagnosis method, and the several potential solutions that are available to solve the actual problems.  P0218 Code Definition P0218 is defined as a “Condition relating to transmission over temperature.” If your Professional obd2 Scanner displays the P0218 error code, it indicates that the temperature of your vehicle’s transmission has risen to a point where it has surpassed the manufacturer’s maximum … Read more

Autel MaxiSys MS906PRO TS Review 2022: Your Best Diagnostic Scanner

Autel MaxiSys MS906PRO TS Review featured

When you need to work on your car, truck, bike, or other vehicles, you’ll want the best tools at your disposal. Autel MaxiSys MS906PRO TS Automotive Diagnostic Scanner is one of those tools. It’s a combination of MS906BT, MS906TS, MK808TS, and an Automotive Scanner with ECU Coding. With it, you get a tool that will analyze and fix all the problems on a vehicle. There are a lot of scanners available in the market. Most of them are of less quality or contain a higher price. But Autel MaxiSys MS906PRO TS Scanner is one of … Read more

Best Obd2 Scanner Under 50$

Best Obd2 Scanner Under 50$

The best OBD2 scanner is the one that you can afford. The best OBD2 scanner under $50 would be a scanner that can accurately read any codes and that has some basic functionality such as On-Board Monitor Test, View Freeze Frame, O2 Sensor Test, Vehicle Info, I/M Readiness, DTC Code Look-up. If you want to save money and don’t care about your car’s problems, you can get a cheap OBD2 scanner, and later when some serious problems start to occur, you can simply get a more expensive one. What Is an OBD 2 Scanner? Onboard … Read more

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